""Mace Hibbard is the real deal. Both his improvising and composing are on the highest level. He plays with a strong passion for the music and a fresh voice. His new cd "When Last We Met" is sure to be a hit with critics and fans alike. Check him out!"

- Joe Gransden - Internationally known trumpet player and vocalist

"This cd showcases a truly excellent set of performances. As advertised, Hibbard speaks with an authoritative voice that acknowledges the best traditions of jazz saxophone playing yet is fresh and inventive. With each tune Heriveaux, Leitch, Miller, Varnes, and Hibbard consistently generate and sustain a lively and engaging conversation that both informs and entertains.

- Dr. Jon Noffsinger - Professor of Saxophone & Jazz Studies - University of Alabama

"When Last We Met is first rate in every sense of the word. Too often you play a recording just to fast forward to something that is remotely interesting. From the first note I was aware that this recording is how is SHOULD sound. The musicians, the compositions, the improvisations...they all say, "we know what we are doing and we are in control...enjoy!" Mace's sound is complex and full (on each saxophone) yet does not sound like formulaic...totally original! If I could hope to create a CD...this is what I would hope it would sound like!

- Paul Haar - Professor of Saxophone & Jazz Studies - University of Nebraska

"Mace Hibbard's new CD grabbed me right from the git go. His writing is wonderful and his playing first class. One of the finest young alto players on the scene and he's just as impressive on soprano and tenor. The rest of the group is also first class. This is already on my list of year's best."

- Jacques Emond - Jazzart Productions

"Hibbard is a new face on the scene, a sax player with a lot of creative juice. He composed all eleven of these neobop/fusion tunes. They are fresh and full of energy. Mace plays with a passion that draws the listener into the music, especially on "The Tempest" and "Reverend Boots 'n' Ball". The band is a quartet including Louis Heriveaux (p), Justin Varnes (d) and Marc Miller on bass. Byran Leitch (g) makes a guest appearance on four songs, notably "Raiders of the Lost Marc", a fusion tune."

- D. Oscar Groomes - O's Place Jazz Magazine

"Congratulatons on producing and writing such great material, always enjoy listening to true professional musicians. I have played many tracks on my program 'Colours of Jazz'and have had a lot of calls about the cd, keep up the good work, I look forward to hearing more great compositions in the future."

- Larry Groves - 3mbs 103.5 FM Australia.

"Another sensitive saxophonist, ably accompanied by his three friends (or occasionally, four). Never a phrase out of place to affect the listneing pleasure."

- Tony Wickham- Raido Maldwyn, UK

"Really like the CD. You need to have it in your collection. For all music lovers, no excuse to not have this CD right now on your CD player. Buy it, you will not be disappointed at all."

- Gi Dussault Co-Host & Co-Producer Upper Room Radio Show

"Great Cd, every track is a beauty, jazz in the true sence of the word, have played many tracks on air and will be featuring more in the future, to my broadcast this is a favorite."

- Kim Whitted - KMHI Radio 1240/fm Idaho

"It's a fanatastic CD!!- I love your tone and tecnical ability on the alto and sop. You are certainly continuing the style of Parker, Stitt etc but have a sound of your own as well. I will be featuring the CD on my radio shows here in NZ and the internal jazz channel I will be starting soon."

- Mark Robinson - George FM

"I just loved this CD ! What a great player and composer this guy is with a really hot band.Louis Heriveaux plays mighty fine piano on almost every track and Mace Hibbard is outstanding as a soloist."

- Barry O'Sullivan - Blu FM 89.1

"A real jazz record this time by sax player Mace Hibbard. Not that easy stuff. A cd in the postbob tradition, but with his very own sound."

- Jan Nederveen - Radio 794

"What a great sound you have, I have played several of your tracks to date and plan to schedule more in future programs."

- Michael Criddle - Triple H - FM

"An excellent Saxophonist with modern style."

- Sharron Grauner - BODFM Inc.

"This album crosses various jazz genres and does so very successfully, which shows true musicianship at its very best. The tracks are highly listenable and show the growth of jazz in all its aspects. Anyone who comes up with a name for a track, such as Raiders of the Lost Marc, has to also have a great sense of humour!

- Tony Bates - Highlands 100.7FM

"Ecellent album from multi saxophone player Mace Hibbard, Great original compositions throughout the album."

- Pascal Dorban - Radio ARA , Luxembourg

"I was very impressed with this recording, it is well composed, arranged, and extremely well played. Smoothly melodic tunes with a nice mix of tempos and moods, strong rhythms all the way through with good interaction between the players, and never dominated by the talented Mr Hibbard, who leaves platforms for his associates to display their considerable abilities. Well done to ALL concerned."

- John Reid, Keith Community Radio 102.8 FM Keith, Banffshire, Scotland

"Fantastic Album!"

- Alex Pijnen - BRTO Radio

"Sounds great! , Will get better with each listen. I will play the hell out of it on my show!"

- Steve MacLeod - Jazzology

"Certainly a well crafted stylish cd oozing with passion. Your music has extremely beautiful sublime compositions and is subtle but powerful, enjoyable to sit back and just feel the cool groove wash over you."

- Peter Merrett - PBS FM Melbourne Australia

"This is a very melodious music. Your "When Last We Met" album stirs the soul from the very first chords. Thank you for making such a wonderful music!

- Serge Kozlovsky - Independent Jazz Critic